• XFINITY Speed Test

    Xfinityspeedtest.org is a free service that provides users with a third-party integrated tool for testing your Internet Speed within seconds and free of cost. This speed test is conducted by sending and receiving data from your computer using your Internet connection. The remote machine to which your computer sends data and receives data is specified based on your location. It helps us to test your speed efficiently and gives the best estimate of your connection actual speed.

    Note: This website is not in any way affiliated with Xfinity, Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, or Comcast Corporation and is a third party tool built specifically to test Internet speed of Xfinity Internet users.

    Internet came into existence in 1982, and it continued to evolve since then. With time, It grew to the extent that it has now become the need of every business and home individual. The Internet penetration was so high in the previous years that every 2nd device now on earth at least have connected once to the Internet, either via wifi or via 3G/4G/5G.

    Internet Speed is called the rate at which data flows from one computer to another computer through the Internet. The data transfer rate is normally measured in Kbps (Kilo bits per second) or Mbps (Mega bits per second). When the data is transferred from your computer to a remote computer, it is called upload, and when your computer receives data from a remote computer, it is called download. The rate at which data downloads to your machine is called Internet Download Speed, and the rate at which the data uploads from your computer, it is called the Internet Upload Speed. Both these speeds are calculated by sending data from your computer and receiving data to your computer through your Internet connection.

    Many factors are involved which controls your connection speed. Your ISP is the main controller of your Broadband speed. When you apply for a new connection, your ISP assigns you the Internet speed depending on the package you chose. Other factors involved in Slow Internet are line noise, mobile towers nearby (on Wireless Internet), long cables, damaged copper cables, weather effects (in case of open wires), and more.

    Speed test helps to identify the correct speed so you can check that your ISP gives what they claim and charge you for.

Speed Comparison

Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country ISP Name Latency Jitter Download Speed Upload Speed
2020-09-24 United States AT&T Internet 32 6 10321 135
2020-09-24 New Zealand Servers Australia 16 11 27796 33632
2020-09-24 India Hathway 5 3 39159 40184
2020-09-24 India Airtel 17 1 20190 9359
2020-09-24 United States AT&T Internet 18 3 106240 88180
2020-09-24 United States XFINITY 17 2 256210 16963
2020-09-24 India Airtel 16 1 10307 9359
2020-09-24 United States XFINITY 50 4 162542 17800
2020-09-24 India Airtel 16 1 20195 8399
2020-09-24 India Hathway 7 3 14102 22685
2020-09-24 United States XFINITY 15 116 85188 5941
2020-09-24 United States XFINITY 16 13 14256 4247
2020-09-24 India Hathway 33 33 17241 5295
2020-09-24 United States IPVanish 52 1 61816 737207
2020-09-24 India Hathway 13 69 23824 5020
2020-09-24 India Hathway 13 1 25431 6070
2020-09-24 United States XFINITY 18 3 135541 41786
2020-09-24 India Hathway 20 17 6682 1783
2020-09-24 United States XFINITY 34 18 2119 9054
2020-09-24 United States XFINITY 16 1 245439 23999